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Knowing your budget

You're engaged! It is such an exciting time. 75% of brides know what their dream wedding would look like, but 90% of couples have no idea how much it will cost. The next step is start messaging everyone you can find for quotes right?? Wrong! The first step is to figure out your budget. How much can you or are you willing to spend? Who will contribute to your big day? What is most important to you? How many people would you like to invite? Knowing this can save a ton of heartache and sleepless nights.

The definition of budget is a spending plan based on income and expenses. Vendors come in all different shapes, sizes and budgets. As a wedding vendor the phrases that kill me every time is "budget friendly" or "won't break the bank". That magic number is different for every couple and not knowing it doesn't help you or your vendors. I have seen AMAZING weddings for $3000 to $200,000. In order to put together a day that is 100% you as a couple, you first need to know what is most important to you and what you can afford.

If all of this is starting to sound pretty overwhelming, it might be time to enlist some help. A wedding planner or coordinator can help you navigate everything and is the best money you will spend. They can help you find vendors, stay on your budget, coordinate and schedule everything and suggest things you never thought of before. They eat, breathe and live events, so who better to talk to? There are also amazing websites that have tools *for free* that will help you plan your day until you hand it over to your day of coordinator. If you are wondering if you need one of those the answer is 100% YES! Not having one is like planning the most important party of your life, spending a ton of money and then not being able to enjoy any of it.

We hope this helps and wish all of your wedding dreams come true!

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