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About Us

We care about our clients, their guests and our planet.

Jessica & DeAnna want to start a revolution of sustainability for every event! They have been friends for over 20 years and both bring different flavors, talents, and artistic vision to a new way of throwing the perfect event. From start to finish Social Bee Events can provide as little or as much as you need all in one place. Can't decide what to eat? Neither can they! That's why they specialize in grazing boards and small bites. Don't worry about clean up either, they only use 100% reusable or biodegradable products so mother earth will thank you too!

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About Us: About Us

DeAnna Nicholson

Co- owner - Fashionista - Artist 

This lady is a multitasking phenomenon raising 3 beautiful daughters. She loves any reason to put her creativity to the test. Her favs are painting, crafting, decorating, and even refurbishing furniture, but most importantly planning events with her best friend of 20+ years, Jessica. DeAnna has been married for 10 years and wants to help others experience the joys of getting married and starting that new chapter.

Deanna worked for many years as a bridal stylist and has done just about every job in the hospitality industry. That combination is the perfect storm for creating an amazing vibe for any event. She prides herself on always finding a good deal and completing any task you throw her way.

Set up a consultation and see what true passion and experience can do for you!


photo by Marissa  Manzanares

Jessica Doherty

Co- owner - Foodie - Traveler 

Jessica has a heart the size of Texas and a personality born and raised in tornado alley. Her favs include checking out different cuisines, visiting historical sites, hiking, baking, her label maker and sharing her passions with her 3 kiddos.

Professionally she started making milkshakes at age 14 and has since worked every hospitality position possible. She loves putting her artistic eye to the test. Her experience in styling food, all types of displays and photo shoots has taught her that its the attention to details that matter. Jessica has spent years honing her craft and loves to add new tricks up her sleeve. She prides herself on going above and beyond every single time.

Wowing your guests is an understatement that you won't want to fall short on. Book a consultation today and let her help you create the event you are dreaming of!

Photo by Tina Coran


Kalie Smiddy

Staffing manager - Dog lover - Tequila connoisseur 

Kalie is the biggest ray of sunshine and will bend over backwards to make your event the best it could possibly be. Kalie joined our team at the beginning of 2022 and hit the ground rolling giving the best service to all of our clients. In her free time  she enjoys spending time with her daughter and dogs, being outdoors, trying new things, and is on a constant hunt for knowledge. 

Jessyln Armansyah

Assistant coordinator - Un-afraid - Traveler

Jessy is the third wheel to our planning team in the best possible way. An engineer by day and event planner by night. Her ability to troubleshoot and problem solve is impeccable. Where we might dream big artistically she does an amazing job of reeling in the possibilities and finding out how to make it happen. This detail oriented wonder woman also has the biggest heart, loves to volunteer and explore the world around her.   


Molly Rippy

Baker - Passionate - Magnanimous

Molly is the icing on top of our cake. Everyone always raves about her amazing flavors and beautiful designs. Molly makes it a point to truly listen to your vision and get to know the personality you want in your cake. When she isn't in the Kitchen, baking to 90's r&b or trap music, you can hopefully find her on a beach somewhere reading about history and drinking a pina colada.  

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