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Bud vases are small, but mighty!

Trying to think of a way to make a large impact without obstructing lines of sight? Bud vases are a great way to spread floral cuts horizontally without placing them directly on to tables. The options are pretty endless on size, color and what could be used as a bud vase. Some people recycle liquor bottles or small pickle jars. These can also be simply dyed to match your colors and create a style that is 100% you.

Our personal collection ranges from short 2 inch colored vases to 8 inch old soda bottles and much more. We include this option in all of our floral contracts at no extra cost. The clean up is done by our company and these loved items get to be a part of many beautiful memories. This option is not only economical, but also sustainable. If you choose to provide your own, the glassware can be repurposed, recycled, or given as favors to your guests.

Choosing bud vases can also cut down on the amount of floral needed for your table arrangements. Looking for specifics? Most medium sized arrangements require about 15-20 cut stems in addition to the filler or foliage. A 6 foot table would only require 8-12 stems and an option to add laid foliage to the table. Adding in floating candles can help to set the mood.

The options are pretty endless with the colors and variety of flowers you choose. Of course the number one options we always look at are what is in season and what is local. Both of these details are important when trying to be sustainable, budget conscious, helping out your own local economy. Each season and region's blooms are the most suitable floral for the climate and will also help with the longevity of your floral.

This trend is fully customizable and can be played up or paired down to fit your needs and aesthetic choices. If you would like to learn more about the seemingly endless options for bud vases feel free to reach out! Our team loves talking about what we do best.

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